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In some market researches it is needed to make an attempt to complete a single interview successfully for a certain household in the area. This is called a Tracking Sheet.

The idea is to try to conduct an interview in a single household with a single respondent, and if it failed for the first time (no one was at home, no applicable respondent at home, respondent refused to be interviewed, etc.), make several additional attempts to complete that household, and if it finally fails, try to complete the same interview in the next household.

This requires a scripting technique that will allow to stop the interview and continue it several time, each time based on the specific case.

You can find here the attached sample survey that demonstrate the general structure, logic and flow of a tracking sheet. In this sample, we allow to try to complete an interview for up to 10 households, with 3 visits for each household.

Please view this link to see how you can import a survey into your studio:

How to import a survey

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