List Sources & Subject Stores - Demo Survey

First, download the attached survey and import it into your organization:
How To Import a Survey 

Add the attached subject store called: ‘make_model_list_small'
as a subject store to the survey:
Adding a Subject Store to a survey

Make sure you configure the ‘ID’ column as ‘Is User Tag’ and the ‘Make’ column as ‘IsName’, in this specific example.

Make sure you set the following questions to be set as the picture shows:


Here I basically created ‘List Sources’ that would manipulate the Subject Store according to specific answers and according to it, will display particular answers.
You can view the List Sources here:


And here I have pulled through some other information from my subject store and used piping to show it.

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  • I failed to make this demo work. I am not sure if I made a mistake because the instruction looks simple enough. 

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  • Hi Arindom,

    The survey was tested and should work as explained.

    If you still face issues with using it please open a support request directly in this site or via sending the request to and our team will be happy to assist you with the process.



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