How To Activate/Engage with an Android App by calling an Intent


This guide will describe how to activate/engage with an external Android Application through an intent while running an interview. 


  1. Create an InIntentInfo object - the first thing is we need to create an intent object which will hold the details of the intent you would like to call.
    The CreateIntentInfo() function returns a class with implementing the IIntentInfo interface:
    public interface IIntentInfo 
          IVariables Extras { get; }
          string PackageName { get; set; } 
          string Action { get; set; }
          int Flags { get; set; }
          string ClassName { get; set; }
          bool SetLaunchIntentForPackage(string inName);
  2. You can launch a general action while specifying that Action name, or you can launch a specific application specifying the PackageName and ClassName etc.
    You can also supply Extras that the activity could use for example to exchange parameters and/or get an outcome of the intent.

    Below you can find an example of creating an InIntentInfo and specifying various parameters:
    var info = CreateIntentInfo();
    then few examples on how you specify the parameters:
    info.Action = "";
    info.PackageName = XXXX;
    info.Extras["incomingparam"] = "Value;
  3. call the intent object you have defined in your script - you can add it either in the Start/End Script.
    StartIntent("AAA", info);
  4. Define what do you want to perform when the intent returns (when it is closed) - In the advanced scripts use the callback OnIntentDone() to define what will be done on the returned value when the application will close.

    function OnIntentDone(inTicket, inCode, inInfo){
          if (inTicket == "AAA") {

    For example
    : SurveyToGo uses this implementation when we add a multimedia question to capture an image: the action used is to open the camera application and when the image is captured we return the image. 


Attached please find a sample survey that will open the camera on the device and set the text when done.

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