How to Send an Email from within an Interview


SurveyToGo allows you to send a web service request directly from the script so you can control when and how to call it.
What you can do is look at the available email service providers today that provide you with a web service API you can use to send emails through an account you have there.

Some of the most common ones are:


In the attached survey we ask for the user Name & email address which will be used later when sending the email.

In our sample we will use SendGrid service, the code can be found in Q4 End Script and you will need to replace the following in the script with your SendGrid (or other account) Details:

  • api_user=<ENTER USERNAME> - Replace <ENTER USERNAME> with your Send Grid username
  • api_key=<ENTER PASSWORD> - Replace <ENTER PASSWORD> with your Send Grid password
  • from=<ENTER FROMEMAIL> - Replace <ENTER FROMEMAIL> with the email address that the email will be sent from


Please Note: 

While we are using the name an email address in our example you can add additional information such as sending a link to a follow up CAWI survey.

That's It!

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