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When we add new functionality to SurveyToGo it is often related to changes/additions that were done both in the Studio as well as the Android App and PC Survey.

An example can be an addition to a new scripting function that was added. You will need to update the Studio to use it in your script (so the script designer recognizes it during scripting) and you will need to update your matching data collection apps as for it to properly work during an interview the App needs to recognize it and activate it as expected.

When we release a new version we always issue the relevant release notes with it. In the Studio release notes we add what is the relevant minimal required data collection app version to support all the functionality that is included in that Studio version and we do the same on the Data Collection release notes. You can refer to our release notes here:

The Release Cycle overview is outlined below:


So the overall recommendation is to upgrade the Studio and the data collection apps simultaneously to the latest version when upgrading. 

There are cases when upgrading the Studio version only is required mainly in cases where you are In the middle of field work and the data collection app is the version where the script was tested on so you would not want to change it as (for whatever reason – for example a newly introduced software bug) it may not work as expected with the new version. A Studio update may be needed if a new functionality that is related to exporting, user management, data management etc. was included in the new version and you need to use it for this existing project. Another example is if the Studio version you use in that moment had an issue that is resolved in the last version.

Such an upgrade would not impact the field work if the script is not updated using the new version.

In such cases we recommend that you:

  • Do not update the used scripts in field with the upgraded Studio
  • Update only a designated set of test devices/users to the latest data collection app to see your scripts continue to work well on those devices
  • Plan ahead to update your data collection apps for the entire organization immediately when the project is completed and your tests with the new version have passed successfully.  

The above is summarized in the below table:


Important Related Note: When scripting new scripts using a specific Studio version we do recommend that you enforce the usage of the corresponding data collection app version during testing and in field as explained here:


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