void SetAnswerVisible (Int32 inQuesIdx, bool inShow)


Will Hide/Show the answers in a question


The following is a list of parameters the functions receives 

Parameter Type Description
inQuesIdx Int32 Index of the Question
inShow bool True will show the answers, False will hide them

Return Type



List of overloads for this function

void SetAnswerVisible (Int32 inQuesIdx, Int32 inAnswerIdx, bool inShow)
void SetAnswerVisible (Int32 inQuesIdx, bool inShow, bool inReset, Int32[] inArray)

Parameters for overloads:

Parameter Type Description
inQuesIdx Int32 Target question
inShow bool  True will show the answers, False will hide them
inAnswerIdx Int32 Index of the answer
inReset bool True/False to reset 
inArray Int32[] An array that will include all the answer indexes


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  • How to show relevent options based on a previous question's answer?

    For example i have a scale of car and bike brands.

    1st question is say which type of vehicles do you prefer. The next question should show only brands of car or bike based on the 1st question.

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  • "True/False" in inShow is for inQuesIdx, and "True/False" in inReset is for inArray ,Am I understanding this right? Besides, if the inArray is true and includes the answer in "inQuesIdx", then the anwer will be updated based on inArray, right? Will appreciate that if you can give some assistances.

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