Dimensions (Unicom Intelligence) Integration: Supported HTML tags within Question and Answer text


SurveyToGo allows you to import Dimensions MDD scripts including the routings. Since Dimensions supports HTML, question texts and/or answer texts might sometime contain HTML tags. When importing the MDD SurveyToGo can attempt to utilize the HTML. However, not all the HTML tags are supported. Due to this, we have outlined below the supported HTML tags. In case the MDD contains HTML code with tags that are not in this list, we've outlined below what you can do to import the MDD without rendering issues.


How To Enable HTML When Importing The MDD

By default, SurveyToGo will assume that the MDD script does not have any HTML code in it and will therefore import the question/answer text "as is" meaning that HTML code will show as text within the question/answer text. To change this and signal to SurveyToGo that the MDD script does indeed have HTML code in it, you need to check the "MDD Source file contains HTML" box. This will instruct SurveyToGo to import the HTML code as HTML and not as plain text. Here is where you set this option:




SurveyToGo Supported HTML Tags

The tags currently supported by SurveyToGo and which will apply when imported from an MDD script:

Supported HTML Tag

<font> only with "color" and "face" attributes 
<image> only with "src", "alt" and "id" attributes


In case the MDD contains tags which are not in the above list, it might cause rendering issues of questions/answers. Please see below what to do in this case.


What if the MDD contains HTML with tags which are not supported?

If the MDD you are importing contains HTML tags that do not appear in the list above, you should either remove these tags from the MDD before importing OR alternatively, you can check the  "Strip HTML"** box during the import process as shown here:


** Please note that when using the "Strip HTML" option, the entire HTML is stripped off when importing meaning even supported tags will no longer be imported. 




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