Dimensions (Unicom Intelligence) Dooblo Custom Properties


We have enhanced our Dimensions integration and and added new scripting capabilities that will allow you to use in Dimensions as a script and then run it in STG Data Collection app.

In this article you will find the list of all the Properties that are available for you to use.



CustomQuestion "Custom Question " [ Dooblo_Custom_Question = true, Dooblo_Custom_Question_Attachment = "test/cq.zip", Dooblo_Custom_Question_Class_Name = "HTML/page1.html", Dooblo_Attachment_2 = "Q_2.png" ] categorical [1..1] { Answer_1 "Answer 1", Answer_2 "Answer 2", Answer_3 "Answer 3" };​



Property Example Accepted Values Decription
Dooblo_Silent_Recording_Audio Dooblo_Silent_Recording_Audio = true true/false Capture Silent Audio Recording
Dooblo_Silent_Video_Back Dooblo_Silent_Video_Back = "Start"
Dooblo_Silent_Video_Back = "Stop"
Start/Stop Capture Silent Video Recording using Backcamera.
Dooblo_Silent_Video_Front Dooblo_Silent_Video_Front = "Start"
Dooblo_Silent_Video_Front = "Stop"
Start/Stop Capture Silent Video Recording using Frontcamera.
Dooblo_Silent_Photo_Back Dooblo_Silent_Photo_Back = true true/false Capture Silent Photo using Back Camera
Dooblo_Silent_Photo_Front Dooblo_Silent_Photo_Front = true true/false Capture Silent Photo using Front Camera
Dooblo_Open_Ended_Before_Text Dooblo_Open_Ended_Before_Text = "$"  

Text to show before the text in:

Open Ended, Numeric
Dooblo_Open_Ended_After_Text Dooblo_Open_Ended_After_Text = "Items"  

Text to show after the text in:

Open Ended, Numeric

Dooblo_Question_Custom_Type = "Multimedia"

Dooblo_Question_Custom_Type = "location"  

Multimedia /location

Define a custom question type.

Dooblo_Question_Multimedia_Capture_Type Dooblo_Question_Multimedia_Capture_Type = "Audio" 
  • Photo
  • Audio
  • Video

Must be of type “info”

The type of the captured in the multimedia question.
Dooblo_Question_Multimedia_Max_Attachments Dooblo_Question_Multimedia_Max_Attachments = 3 Number The maximum attachments that multimedia question will collect
Dooblo_Question_Multimedia_Min_Attachments Dooblo_Question_Multimedia_Min_Attachments = 1 Number The minimum attachments that multimedia question should collect
Dooblo_Attachment_X (Replace the X with the number)

Dooblo_Attachment_1 = "/images/KFC logo.png"

To show the image using HTML: Dooblo_Attachment_1 = <img src='\Images\Chicken licken.png' />
The path of the image A question that will include an attachment.
Dooblo_Question_MutliNumeric_Type Dooblo_Question_MutliNumeric_Type = "Slider"
  • Slider
  • Box 
  • Rating

Defining a MultiNumeric type/Render Mode.
Dooblo_Question_Numeric_Type Dooblo_Question_Numeric_Type = "box"
  • Box
  • Panel
  • Calc
  • Rating
  • Slider
Defining a Numeric Question type/Render Mode.
Dooblo_Question_OtherSpec_Numeric_Type Dooblo_Question_OtherSpec_Numeric_Type = “Integer”
  • Numeric
  • Integer
The input type for Numeric Other Specify
Dooblo_Question_SingleSelect_Type Dooblo_Question_SingleSelect_Type = "Combo"
  • Radio
  • Combo
  • List
  • Slider
  • AutoComplete
  • AutoCompleteLong
Defining a Single Choice type/Render Questions.
Dooblo_Question_MultiSelect_Type Dooblo_Question_MultiSelect_Type = “AutoComplete”
  • Radio
  • AutoComplete
  • AutoCompleteLong
Defining a Multiple Choice type/Render Questions.
Dooblo_Question_SingleSelectGrid_Type Dooblo_Question_SingleSelectGrid_Type = “Radio”
  • Radio
  • Combo
  • Table
  • TableFlipped
  • Slider
  • RankedScale
  • TwoStatements
Defining a Single Choice Grid type/Render Questions
Dooblo_Grid_TwoStatements Dooblo_Grid_TwoStatements = true true/false Will Render a Single Choice Grid as Two Statements
Dooblo_Grid_TwoStatementsDelimiter Dooblo_Grid_TwoStatementsDelimiter = "|||&&" Default is “|||” Delimiter for Two Statements
Dooblo_Question_MultiSelectGrid_Type Dooblo_Question_MultiSelectGrid_Type = “Table”
  • Radio
  • Table
  • TableFlipped
  • RankedScale
Defining a Multiple Choice Grid type/Render Questions
Dooblo_Multi_Topic_Other Dooblo_Multi_Topic_Other = "Q19Other"   Will define the Topic ‘Other Specify’ in a Grid Question
Dooblo_Do_Not_Show_Header Dooblo_Do_Not_Show_Header = true true/false When true will not show the Header in a Grid Question
Dooblo_Grid_Header_Align Dooblo_Grid_Header_Align = "left" right, left, center

The alignment of the Grid Header

Dooblo_Grid_Header_Text_X (Replace the X with the number) Dooblo_Grid_Header_Text_1 = "{*Headers.A1}",   Dooblo_Grid_Header_Text_1 = "{*Headers.A1}",
Dooblo_Question_MinTimeOnQuestion Dooblo_Question_MinTimeOnQuestion = 3 Number in seconds Define Minimum time to be spent on a question before continuing

Dooblo_Exclusive = "Q12,Q13"

Dooblo_Exclusive = "*"
  Create an Exclusive Question that will clear all the questions in page (*) or specific questions (Q12, Q13)
Dooblo_Answer_Changed_Function Dooblo_Answer_Changed_Function = <NameOfCallBack>

<NameOfCallBack> = true or False

‘Notify STG to re-render the page
What is the name of the Callback to call
Dooblo_Import_As_Grid Dooblo_Import_As_Grid = true true/false When importing this question will be a grid no matter how it’s imported –
Dooblo_IsQAChapter Dooblo_IsQAChapter = true true/false Will Define the questions as part of a QA Process
Dooblo_IsRestrictedQAChapter Dooblo_IsRestrictedQAChapter = true true/false Will Define the questions as part of a Restricted QA Process


CustomQuestion "Custom Question "
Dooblo_Custom_Question = true,
Dooblo_Custom_Question_Attachment =     "test/cq.zip",
Dooblo_Custom_Question_Class_Name =   "HTML/page1.html",
Dooblo_Attachment_2 = "Q_2.png"
categorical [1..1]
Answer_1 "Answer 1",
Answer_2 "Answer 2",
Answer_3 "Answer 3"
Dooblo_Custom_Question_Attachment See Above String  
Dooblo_Custom_Question_Class_Name See Above String  

exportStatus "exportStatus"


     Dooblo_Export_To = "Status"




  • StopQuestion
  • ParentSubjectID
  • SubjectNum
  • TaskID
  • LocationID
  • SurveyVersion
  • SID 
  • Version
  • Filtered
  • ClientDuration (this is the NetDuration)
  • Duration
  • BatteryLevel
  • AttemptsPerCompletedInterview
  • CustomDataInt Fileds - CustomDataInt1, CustomDataInt2, CustomDataInt3, CustomDataInt4, CustomDataInt5, CustomDataInt6


  • FlagsStoppedAndContinued
  • FlagsWasSetAsComplete
  • SubjectMode
  • FlagsModifiedAfterCompleted
  • Completed
  • FlagsWasUploadedByOtherSurveyor
  • FlagsVersionChangedMidRun
  • AdherenceToMethodology


  • Latitude
  • QAScore
  • Longitude


  • VisitStart
  • ReviewTime
  • Upload
  • VisitEnd
  • LastModifiedTime


  • Status
  • SurveyorName
  • SubjectName
  • UserUnique
  • ReviewerComment
  • SurveyorComment
  • SubjectData
  • SurveyDeviceIndex
  • ClientSTGVersion
  • LocationName
  • SurveyName
  • ReviewerName
  • OrigUTCMins
  • SurveyID
  • DeviceIndex
  • DeviceIMEI
  • QualityControlFlag
  • QualityControlComment
  • LastModifiedUserName
  • DeviceModel
  • CustomeDateFields - CustomData1, CustomData2, CustomData3, CustomData4,  CustomData5, CustomData6

Will only export the data this will not be shown as part of the interview.

Will be used when the default SurveyToGo fields should be exported as well.

sVersion "sVersion"

Dooblo_CatchProp = "SurveyVersion"

sDeviceIndex "sDeviceIndex"
Dooblo_CatchProp = "DeviceIndex"


  • SurveyVersion 
  • DeviceRunNumber
  • SurveyRunNumber
  • DeviceID
  • SID
  • LocationID
  • TaskID


  • IMEI
  • DeviceIndex
  • SurveyIndex
  • STGVersion
  • SurveyName
  • DeviceModel
  • SubjectName
  • UserUnique 
  • SurveyorName
  • SurveyorExt
  • SimID
  • TaskName
  • LocationName


  • Latitude
  • Longitude
Catch the Dooblo Properties in the interview.
Dooblo_Question_HitMap_Target_Image Dooblo_Question_HitMap_Target_Image = "/images/Image.png" Path to an image file The target image that will be shown in the background
Dooblo_Question_HitMap_Pin_Image Dooblo_Question_HitMap_Pin_Image = "/images/pin.png" Path to an image file  
Dooblo_Question_HitMap_Map_HTML_File Dooblo_Question_HitMap_Map_HTML_File = "/images/exterior/_1_1.txt" Path to a file An HTML file that will include the coordinates for the HTML boundaries

Dooblo_Question_HitMap_Target_Questions = "PROG_EXT23_A_2_COORDS1,




Comma delimited string Sets the answer chosen on the map in the target questions (first answer is the first question and so on
Dooblo_Question_HitMap_Target_Source Dooblo_Question_HitMap_Target_Source = "{+myBGAttachSource}" {+VariableName} Similar to Attachment source will enable you to define a different image according to the answer of the variable name given in the {}
Dooblo_Question_HitMap_Map_HTML_Source Dooblo_Question_HitMap_Map_HTML_Source = "{+myCoordsAttachSource}" {+VariableName} Similar to Attachment source will enable you to define a different map HTML according to the answer of the variable name given in the {}
Dooblo_HitMap_HTML_Attachment Dooblo_HitMap_HTML_Attachment = "/images/exterior/_1_1.txt" Path to a file Special property that is used with the HTML Source.
Dooblo_Clear_Invisible Dooblo_Clear_Invisible = True true/false Clear Invisible makes sure that when a question is shown (and each time it is shown) that all the Topics/Answers that were NOT visible but previously had answers will have their answers CLEARED
Dooblo_Question_Numeric_Short_Textbox Dooblo_Question_Numeric_Short_Textbox = True true/false Allows Text\Numeric boxes to show as short (instead of screen width) for Android
Dooblo_QAReadOnly Dooblo_QAReadOnly = true true/false Marks QA Chapters as QA Read only
Dooblo_Question_Text_ShowScan Dooblo_Question_Text_ShowScan = true true/false Will check the option to add a barcode scanner
Dooblo_Question_Location_Type Dooblo_Question_Location_Type = "NoMap" NoMap, NoMapSilent, EditableMap, ReadOnlyMap Defines the type of the location question 
Dooblo_Question_Location_Rendering_Mode Dooblo_Question_Location_Rendering_Mode = "PinPoints" PinPoints, Path, Area Will define the location question render mode
Dooblo_Question_Location_Set_As_Interview_Location Dooblo_Question_Location_Set_As_Interview_Location = true true/false Defines whether to set the location as interview location
Dooblo_Question_Location_Export_Additional_Data Dooblo_Question_Location_Export_Additional_Data = true true/false Defines whether to export additional location data
Dooblo_Question_External_List_Long Dooblo_Question_External_List_Long = true true/false Bool (Default True)
Dooblo_Question_External_List_OS_Keys Dooblo_Question_External_List_OS_Keys = "3" text Sets OS as "Existing" and sets the used Key
Dooblo_Question_External_List_OS_Code Dooblo_Question_External_List_OS_Code = 999 int Sets OS as "New" and sets the Answer's Coding
Dooblo_Question_External_List_OS_Label Dooblo_Question_External_List_OS_Label = "Some New Text" text Sets OS as "New" and sets the Text for the answer
Dooblo_Question_External_List_Target_OS Dooblo_Question_External_List_Target_OS = "External_New_OS" text the target for the OS value. (Must be used if you need to export back to DDF using the original survey (otherwise there's an error during export))
 Dooblo_Question_MutliNumeric_ShowTotal Dooblo_Question_MutliNumeric_ShowTotal = true true/false Controls whether to display the total for Multi Numeric
Dooblo_Question_MutliNumeric_ShowTotalBottom Dooblo_Question_MutliNumeric_ShowTotalBottom = true true/false Controls whether to display the total on the bottom for Multi Numeric
Dooblo_Question_MutliNumeric_GlobalMax Dooblo_Question_MutliNumeric_GlobalMax = 100 int Will enable the option to not exceed a number which is the number that you enter.  


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