How to add a Multimedia question (Audio/Photo/Video capture) from a Dimensions (Unicom Intelligence) mdd script


SurveyToGo includes a very useful Multimedia question type that allows the interviewer to capture photos/videos or sounds. However, if you are scripting in Dimensions and importing the MDD script into SurveyToGo, there is no native question type in Dimensions that allows you to capture video/audio/photos. To be able to add a multimedia question to your survey even if it is being imported from Dimensions we have added a special syntax that will allow you to specify from within the MDD to instruct SurveyToGo to show a multimedia question.


MDD Syntax to add a Multimedia question

The following syntax can be added in the MDD script to add a SurveyToGo multimedia question. Once the SurveyToGo platform imports the MDD and finds this syntax it will apply the instruction to the generated script:



Q_Multimedia “This is a multimedia question


                                Dooblo_Question_Custom_Type = “Multimedia”,

                                Dooblo_Question_Multimedia_Capture_Type = “Audio”




Dooblo_Question_Custom_Type, //Applicable Values: (Multimedia), only when question type is Info

Dooblo_Question_Multimedia_Capture_Type, //Applicable Values: (Audio, Photo, Video), only when Dooblo_Question_Custom_Type = Multimedia


The code above will add a Multimedia question that allows you to record audio. You can use any of the above mentioned Capture Types to instruct the platform to add a different type of capture question.



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