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One of the most common market research surveys is related to questions regarding products in various contexts (usage, awareness, store auditing etc). Normally the products are a combination of several attributes such as category, brand name, pack type etc. One example is a Coca Cola regular 330ml glass bottle. The product is a combination of several attributes.

There are cases where you would want the ability to collect data on those kind of products, including the items the product is assembled from.

Please find the attached sample survey that shows how this can be implemented in SurveyToGo.

You can view this next link that shows how to import an external survey into your account:


As part of the implementation you'll need an external excel file containing the detailed data with all the items combinations that creates the final beverages products. Please find attached the sample excel file, that uses as a subject store in the sample survey.

Add the excel as a subject store with the name MultiDrinksStore.

When creating your script, don't forget to load your products excel file as a subject store to the script so you can use it. To learn more about additional subject store, please view this next link:


You can also view this link to learn the “filtering from subject store” technique”:



That's it!

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