Studio Version 1.32.280

Here’s a summary of the latest  SurveyToGo Studio Version. The new version is available to all our customers at no cost. You are welcome to request an upgrade of your Studio version if you wish to take advantage of these productive feature.If you wish to be upgraded please contact:

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 242 and higher


New Features

Dashboards: New “Interviewer Productivity Metrics” Dashboard was added!

SurveyToGo now supports a new Dashboard node aimed at showing you aggregated and individual “Interviewer Productivity Metrics” KPIs. The new Dashboard is accessible either organization wide or per project from the Dashboards node:

The 5 new Dashboard KPIs are shown either for All interviewers along with averages:


Or for the specific interviewer, with a daily breakdown:

More on the individual KPI’s can be found her: KPI Reports

Security / Quality Control: Added new more granular Access-control options to the Data Review screen

We’ve added the following 3 security sections:


Which now control whether a user has access to view/update the data and/or just the status of the interview. In addition, the QC tab has a separate access now along with a specific part of the QC tab that can be configured to only be accessed by specific security (QC Restricted Part). To configure what part of the QC tab is the restricted part, just go to the “Quality Control” tab of the chapter in the Survey Designer and tick the “Restricted Quality Control chapter” box:

This will then control what is shown based on permission in the Interview Review screen:

Auto-complete Lists: Auto-complete Lists will now start filtering at the character number of your choice.

In the past the auto-complete lists would start filtering data after entering 2 characters. It is now possible to specify the number of characters from the Studio Designer:


Survey Designer: Control with one click how multiple selection questions are exported for the entire survey.

Instead of setting this option one-by-one for each question, you can now set this setting for the entire survey by right clicking the survey node, selecting “Edit questions props” and setting the relevant setting for all questions:

Quantum Export: Ability to create a new map based on old map

It is now possible to generate a new quantum map file by feeding in the old map and the SurveyToGo system will run a “diff” process and will modify only what needs added/modified to generate a new matching map:

Script Engine: Added new media length functions

We’ve added the following new functions to aid scripters when interacting with recordings and photos/videos: GetAttachmentSizeInKB(), GetSoundRecordingLengthInSeconds(), GetVideoRecordingLengthInSeconds()


Survey Design: “Find in survey” will now show the specific list-source if needed

When searching for text within a survey using the “Find in survey” tool, if the text is found within a list-source, the name of the list-source will now be shown next to the search results for easier identification of the location:

Survey Design: “Find in Survey” – it is now possible to search for specific answer flags

It is now possible to search questions that have “Other specify” answers or other flags by utilizing the new “Answer flags” section of the “Find in survey” tool:


Operations Console: Added “Client STG Version” to the list of available columns to show in the grid

It is now possible to show the “Client STG Version” column in the operations grid (more on how to control the columns, see “step 4” of this guide: :


Dimensions: It is now possible to export dummy data to MDD


It is now possible to also export to MDD when export Dummy Data generated from the Dummy Data Generator. Just follow the regular steps of exporting the Dummy Data and select the relevant exporter.


General: Support turning off the alert when moving surveys between “Test” mode and “Production”

There is a warning message that comes up when moving the survey between “Test” mode and “Production”. If you prefer to not show it you can now turn it off through the “Tools > Options” screen:


Operations Console: A new variable called “DeviceModel” has been added for Quality Control and operations purposes

The new “DeviceModel” variable name includes the hardware device model of the device that generated the data.

This variable is now also included when exporting the data (if you include it in the list of variables):

Sketch Question: Sketch question now support zooming/panning

When configuring a sketch question we have now added the ability to support “zoom/pan” options:


Dimensions: When importing an MDD script, the Quota-sheet tab is now editable

You can now configure quotas for surveys that were generated from an MDD import process.

Dimensions: When exporting to MDD, SurveyToGo will now populate the startTime and finishTime variables of Dimensions

Dimensions: Support for custom properties to support Silent recording/Silent photo capturing

The custom properties are: Dooblo_Silent_Recording_Audio, Dooblo_Silent_Photo_Front, Dooblo_Silent_Photo_Back

Dimensions: Support for Custom properties for question attachments

Added property "Dooblo_Attachment" that can be defined for questions or for HData. Since you can't use the same property name in the same properties set, we expect the users to use "Dooblo_Attachment" with a suffix.

The suffix itself has no affect, it's only there to allow multiple attachments. You can either type random letters, number the attachments or name them to help you remember what they are (the suffix itself is discarded and ignored).


Survey attachment:



        Dooblo_Attachment_1 = "Q_2.png",

        Dooblo_Attachment_2 = "Q_4.png"


Question Attachment:

Hi "Hi"


      Dooblo_Attachment_123 = "Q_2.png"



 Dooblo_Attachment_Nice_Picture = "Q_5.png"


Script Engine: Random Groups feature is now restricted to questions from the same chapter only.

In the past it was possible to configure random groups for questions from all over the survey which caused issues with the engine. It has been limited now to questions from the same chapter only.


Script Engine: Added network detection call-back function

It is now possible to get a notification callback from the engine when the network connection changes and switches off/on by using the OnNetworkStateChanged(…) with data on what network (3G/WIFI).


Major Bug Fixes

  • Archive Attachments: Fixed: When choosing to archive attachments from multiple projects, the screen would freeze. This was fixed.
  • Dimensions: Fixed: Issues when converting CDouble from Dimension and with support of “OM.Terminate” functions of Dimensions. This was fixed.
  • Dimensions: Fixed: Issues with MDD randomization/rotations support. This was fixed.
  • Survey Design: Fixed: Other-specify answer variable names are now tested for uniqueness only within the specific question, not survey wide.
  • Scripting Engine: Fixed: SetAnswerIter and other iteration functions will now not allow you to access invalid iteration names.
  • Storage Usage Report: Fixed: Disabled the ability to filter based on created date. In the past this filtering action yielded buggy results and it was decided to deprecate this option.
  • Quantum Export: Fixed: Issue when exporting numeric questions with decimal places. This was now fixed.
  • Data Export: Fixed: When showing an error message during the export process, the question ID was shown instead of the question index. This was fixed.
  • Data Export: Fixed: Exception when saving the export settings in certain scenarios. This was fixed.
  • Dummy Data Generator: Fixed: When exporting the Dummy Data, subject store columns would sometimes not export. This was fixed.
  • Restore Interviews: Fixed: In some cases the Studio would show an error message instead of loading the “Restore Interviews” screen. This was fixed.
  • Dimensions: Fixed: When exporting to Dimensions, gray out the “Do not export other-specify” option as it is not supported.
  • Quantum: Fixed: In a specific settings of the map, Grid questions would take up too many columns. This was fixed.
  • Script Engine: Fixed: SetAnswerWithAdditionalTexts() did not work on Single choice questions. This was fixed.

CQRP: Fixed: The Contains() function did not work correctly from within the CQRP. This was now fixed.

CQRP: Fixed: The GetQImageUrl() function did not work correctly from within the CQRP. This was now fixed.

SPSS Export: Fixed: Multiple Selection Grid topic labels will not show correctly in the SPSS file in case of Hebrew labels. This was fixed.

Dimensions: Fixed: Dimensions Ranking question was not implemented correctly in some scenarios. This was fixed.

Script Engine: Fixed: Function ContainsChoiceOneOf() did not work on Single Choice Grid. This was fixed.

Export Data: Fixed: In case an error message shows up during the export process and the error message is long, the screen will not show the error message at all. This was fixed.

Dimensions: Fixed: Category Response comparison fails if trying to match to string. This was fixed.

Dimensions: Fixed: Language selection is now allowed using net code.

Dimensions: Fixed: Hiding nav buttons should also apply the different styles. This was fixed.

Operations Console: Fixed: Pressing multiple times on “Get” would sometime cause an exception. This was fixed.



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