How To Filter Answers/Topics based on additional data lists


There are many cases where you have two different Answer/Topics lists in two different questions, where one list relies on the other and the responses given in one question will determine the Answers/Topics displayed on the other. One example is Car brands and Car models. Selecting specific brands in one question will determine which models will be displayed on the second.

A good way to perform such filters is using an external data list that will hold both lists and the filtering code will be based on its content.

The attached sample will show you an example of this filtering need.

In order to test the sample, you’ll need to perform the following:

  • Import the attached .srv file. Click here to see how to import a survey into your account.
  • Create the additional data list from the attached excel file. Click here to learn how to create an additional data list in your account. Make sure to call the data list “CitiesFilterSample” so it will match the script.
  • Add the additional data list to the sample survey: By default the survey is not imported with the subject store assigned to it. Go to the survey’s Advanced tab -> Edit Subject Store -> mark the subject store you see as “deleted” and click on “Remove”. And add the new data list you’ve created with the “New from common” button.


That’s it!

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  • Hi, this is if there is only one referral, what if we have like 3 filters say, Continent, Country, then City, even say, Street. How do we go about this?

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