Using External List Sample

Using External List

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Direct Youtube link (for full screen):

Direct Youtube link (for full screen):


First, download the attached survey and import it into your organization:


Add the attached subject store called: ‘Drinks’
as a subject store to the survey:


Make sure you configure the ‘ID’ column as ‘Is User Tag’ and the ‘Brands’ column as ‘IsName’, in this specific example.


Create a new List Source in the survey “Advanced”.

In our case we created 2 lists: Brands, Variants.


In each list we created a code to pull the specific column from the subject store.

In our example:


Then, define the Question as ‘External List’.

Define the answer settings according to the question.

In our case we define “External List”: <List Source> and “Select Source”: Brands.


In the last question (Q(4))  we asked: “price per unit?”

We want to create a Validation Rule that will be within the price range. See the price range in the subject store as columns:

‘PriceMin’ and ‘PriceMax’.

In order to do that we created this Advanced Script:


In this script we used the function: ‘dblGetSubjectStoreRow’  that retrieves a single row from a subject store, see more about this subject here: How-To-retrieve-a-single-row-from-a-subject-store

Finally, we entered this Validation Rule to Q(4) Rules:



That's it!

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