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This article describes how the Dooblo Support department prioritizes the handling of tickets during working hours. In case you wish to learn more about the structure and the flow of handling tickets, please click here. Dooblo currently only supports tickets as a method of handling support requests. Submitting tickets is performed through either emailing or through our support portal at


Ticket Prioritization

Our support team is constantly working on answering and handling support tickets in our various queues. In order to provide a better service and process the more urgent tickets faster, a critical part of the support team work is prioritizing the tickets in the queue. The prioritization process is performed by our Tier 3 members and the general prioritization is into 3 main priorities:


The following table describes each priority and type of tickets:

Priority Issue type Description
Priority 1 System wide issues Critical parts of the system are not working correctly for all customers or similar issues
Priority 2 Suspected Data Loss Data collected from a specific tablet(s) is not showing in the Studio or similar issues, Survey started in test mode and data needs to be restored. Other data mismatch issues.
Priority 2 Data Export Issues Full or partial failure to exporting data, Data export is not containing all the collected data, data export content mismatch or similar issues
Priority 3 ** Scripting queries Simple queries on how to pipe/filter/jump/skip or similar how-to-script scenarios queries. Please note that more complex scripting questions/requests such as questions which require to go over a customer questionnaire, or questions about scripting entire parts of scripts or other more complex scripting questions might be out of the scope of our support team and need to be redirected to our Scripting Department. Click here to find out more about how to get proper assistance in these cases.
Priority 3 All other requests Any other question/query


Response Times Within Business Hours

While we try to do our best to respond as fast as possible to all the tickets, due to the amount of tickets in certain peak days/periods and the prioritization process shown above, some tickets might get faster response than others. Please note this is not customer specific but rather issue type specific and by design so that the more urgent issues will be handled sooner.


Priority Usual First Response Time* Notes
Priority 1 < 1 hour System wide issues are treated as critical and will usually mean all hands on deck to resolve the issue as soon as possible. 
Priority 2 within 1 hour Ticket will be escalated between the support tiers to resolve
Priority 3  ~1-3 hour(s) Ticket will be escalated between the support tiers to resolve
**Scripting > 3 hours Simple scripting queries will be handled as standard Priority 3 tickets, however please understand that the more complex scripting queries will require more time to respond as the support team will need to simulate the scenario on a test script before handing off the script to the customer. In case the scripting request is out of the scope of our support team we will offer to redirect your query/request to our scripting department for a more experienced dedicated scripter to provide you with dedicated attention until the request is resolved. Please click here to find out more about how to get proper assistance in these cases.

* First Response Time: Please note these times are based on the averages from all our past years and does not represent a firm commitment as Dooblo. 

** When handled through our support team. Please click here for more information on how to receive more dedicated faster scripting support from our experienced scripters using our scripting department.




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