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For both new and existing customers, there are situations in which you might need some additional assistance with scripting your projects. Common scenarios  include:

  1. First time customers: Many times, as a first time customers taking your first steps with SurveyToGo you might need to script a questionnaire and get it to field quickly however your scripting team have yet managed to fully familiarize with scripting techniques. You can then use the Dooblo scripting experts to quickly script the questionnaire for you, and even mentor you on the techniques used so that you can re-use them in future projects.
  2. Time/Resources constraints: In some cases the internal scripters of the customers are under severe load and simply do not have the time to script yet another script. The spillover can be easily sourced out to the Dooblo scripting experts thus allowing your firm to deliver on time without the burden of hiring ad-hoc personnel. 
  3. Very complex scripts: At times, questionnaires might contain complicated conjoint , Min-Max or other complicated sections. Sometimes simply the logic of the script is so complex you might find it too difficult to tackle the script on your own. It can prove extremely useful and time consuming to use the Dooblo scripting experts in these cases as we can both save a lot of time for you and also mentor you on the techniques used so that your scripting team can effectively re-use these techniques in future projects.

Therefore, Dooblo provides expert survey scripting services as a value added service.

Dooblo Scripting Experts

Our scripting experts have vast experience with both simple but also the most complex scripts. All the experts have deep knowledge of best-practices and efficient coding of scritps. In addition, The scripting projects we deliver follow a very well defined process carefully fine-tuned based on countless successful projects. We offer a quick time to delivery combined with extreme high quality deliverables. Some of the benefits of using our expert scripters include:

  • Quickly launch even complex SurveyToGo projects
  • Get a high quality delivered script
  • Use the delivered script as a template for your similar future projects
  • Get a closer following for the project’s related support issues

You can read more about the implementation process in the attached document.

To approach us regarding our project scripting services you can contact us at

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  • I am NielsenIQ team member and using Dooblo & STG for field execution purpose. I have some suggestions that would be very helpful for all of us. Please let me know how to contact you to make our works easy and which can reduce our extra time which we are spending on this.

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