Studio Version 1.32.405

The new version is available to all our customers at no cost.

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 359 and higher

New Features

Export Results: Adding support for exporting results to sbj format.

Export Survey - Supporting Excel exporter to survey structure that also exports rules and scripts. Base it off of the translations.

Import Bulk Edit - Additional support for clear a topic for single choice grid

Operations Grid

  • Changing operations grid column name - "Has Audio Silent Recording" to "Has Silent Attachment(s)"
  • Adding an additional column called "Original interviewer" and allow showing this column to show the original surveyor when subject is returned to a different surveyor.

Dimensions - Support setting survey texts for MDD survey

KPI Reports - Additional 2 KPIs that can report on one of the custom fields, and make this KPI optional. This is so that customers can add a KPI on something from the survey question data, click here to learn more.

Interview Status Filtering: Add checkbox column that reads "One-Way Status" - this means you can change to it but not from it

Observation Review: A new look and feel of the observation review split to 2 sections with additional tabs, click here to learn more. 

  • Custom Variables - Allow in the Designer to signal that certain variables are intended for the Reviewer
  • "Silent Recordings" add a "Play silent recording" button that will play it while you are reviewing data
  • Add ability to show variable names instead of QID

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to exception when using text box suggestion.
  • Fixing issues with datetime picker showing long date and not short date
  • Fixing issues related to dimensions:
    • numeric loops
    • Resetting changes state when loading to support catching them.
    • MDD Exclusive Answer not working as expected
  • Fixing issues related to randomization - RandomizeAnswers/RandomizeTopics to return the final position array.
  • Fixing issues with exceptions while using auto complete
  • Fixing issues related to error message in QuestionMultiNumeric when topics do not reach/exceed total does not contain the total/max
  • Fixing issues related to Numeric Grid - topics should not exceed / equal is not enforced
  • Fixing issues related to Date/Time questions - Date Questions store dates with the time component.
  • Fixing issues related to an error when the user has no subject status filters and error message is wrong
  • Fixing issues related to playing sequential videos not working as expected
  • Fixing issues related to filtering dates in operations grid.
  • Fixing issues related to adding internal comment - add button missing
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