How To configure and display interview data for operational purposes


You can now add up to 12 Custom fields, 6 String Custom Fields and 6 Integer Custom Fields. 

In this article we will describe how to configure these fields in the survey and then how to see/use it in the Operations Console.



1. Add the script to the survey

You can set the Custom Fields with answers that you collect in your survey, you will need to add the code described below to an expression question at the end of your survey.

There are 2 types of Custom Fields:

The format is the same except for the value that is being passed (X is the number of the Custom Field)


String Type Custom Fields

SetInterviewExtraField(eInterviewExtraField.CustomDataX, AnswerText());

Integer type Custom Fields

SetInterviewExtraField(eInterviewExtraField.CustomDataIntX, Answer());

2. Configure and use the Custom Fields in the Operations Console

Open the Operation Console - Click on 'Edit my columns'

In the columns window scroll down until you reach the Custom Fields Columns and check the columns that you would like to add to the operations grid

You can change the 'Column Name' by clicking on the 'Column Properties' pane and changing the name 

Once you finish click on 'OK' and click on 'Get' to retrieve the data

Now that we have the data in the operation console we can 'Group by' 


'Export'  - to either a flat excel file or XML

Please Click Here to learn how to import the attached sample survey. 

You can also display these custom fields in the observation in the Custom Variables tab, click here to learn how.

That's It !

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  • It dont work, i can't import the example because the functions doesn't exists

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  • Hi Arturo,

    We assume that this is due tot he fact you are using an older Studio version than the one this functionality was added in.

    We will open a support request on your behalf so we can update your organization to the latest version.


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  • it's not working

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  • It does not work!

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