How to use Dynamic Link as Login Screen(work with a Panel Company)


The following sample should be used when the Panel Company will request only 1 link which they will use, and the unique IDs will be generated on their side, passed with the link, and will be sent to the respondent. 

Create the Dynamic link:

  • Name - Enter a name for these links.
  • 'Unique Identifier Param Name' - use the default or set this identifier name according to the panel company need (can later be used in the end pages, read further to learn more).

Once you click on "Add," a link will be generated, and this link should be copied and sent to the Panel Company:


Follow the steps below:

1) The attached Excel file should be sent to the Panel Company. The Panel Company should fill the Excel with the needed Usernames and Passwords for each "uid"


* If you provided a different "Unique Identifier Param Name" when creating the link, make sure to use the same name as Column name D.

For example, if you named the "Unique Identifier Param Name" "VOD", then column name D should be named "VOD".

2) Once the Panel Company filed the Excel, the Excel should be uploaded to the survey.

4) The respondent will have to insert his Username and Password based on the unique link he got from the Panel Company, at the first question in the survey:


For example:

a) Link -<SurveyTicket>&uid=a

Will have to use the Username "AAA" and the Password "aaa123".

b) Link -<SurveyTicket>&uid=b

Will have to use the Username "BBB" and the Password "bbb123".

Important Note: Those are not real links that point to a real survey. Those are simply here to show you how the link would look when implemented


Important notes to notice in the example survey:

* The functions in the advanced script.

* The check_Login() function will check if the given Username is equaled to the Password of this Username, based on the "Unique Identifier Param Name".

* The check_Login() function is used as a Validation Rules at the first question in the survey(Q_Login).


That’s it!

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