eULQuestionType stgGetQuestionType(int inQIdx)


Will return the question type for the question specified


The following is a list of parameters the functions receives 

Parameter Type Description
inQIdx Int32 Index of the Question

Return Type



"stgGetQuestionType(5)" will return the question type for question index 5 

Question Type list 

Question Type eqtNum Description
eqtAmerican 1 Single Choice
eqtNumeric 2 Numeric Question
eqtFreeText 3 Open Ended Question
eqtMultiSelect  4 Multiple Selection Question
eqtRating 5 Rating Question 
eqtScale 6 Scale Question 
eqtMultiTopics 8 Single Choice Grid Question
eqtNoQuestion 9 Empty Question
eqtDateTime 10 Date/Time Question
eqtCounters 11 Counters Question
eqtStopper 12 Stopper Question
eqtExpression 14 Expression Question
eqtMultiText 15 Open Ended Grid
eqtMultiNumeric 16 Numeric Grid
eqtMultimedia 17 Multimedia Question
eqtMultiTopicsSelect 18 Multiple Selection Grid Question
eqtGPSQuestion 19 Location Question
eqtListSource 20 External List Question
eqtPositionTopicsOnImage 21 Position Topic on Image Question
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