How to properly display formatted RTL text on PC Survey

When working with RTL texts and applying formatting to it it may appear wrong when displayed on the PC Survey (relevant also on the Studio Emulator and preview pane).

It is important to note that this is not relevant to the Android App where formatted RTL texts are displayed appropriately

That may happen when the text includes, aside from the letters, signs such as ?!.%$ etc. as well as numbers.

See for example how the following RTL text is displayed normally:


and when adding formatting for example bolding and coloring the second word:

Note: You can notice on the preview that the '.' is not positioned where it is supposed to

Whenever such a character is wrongly displayed after applying formatting to such a text you can follow the below steps to adjust that:

1) Click on the HTML source tab

2) right click right after the . in the text and select the following:

3) This is what you will see:


Note: Please note that on Studio versions 477 and earlier you have to make an additional change to the text (any change basically - add/change characters) so that the insertion of the RTL mark would take effect. In Studio version 478 and later this additional text change is no longer required.





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