bool EqualsIter(Int32 inQuesIdx, object inValue, String inFullIteration)


Returns 'true' if value inValue is the answer of question inQues, in a specific nested loops iterations state.


The following is a list of parameters the functions receives 

Parameter Type Description
inQuesIdx Int32 Question Index
inValue object The value to check
inFullIteration string The nested loops iteration indexes list

Return Type



Loop chapter C is nested in Loop chapter B that is nested in loop chapter A. All loops chapters iterates a maximal number of 3 iterations each.
Question index 10 is a single choice question with 5 answers, located inside loop chapter C.
EqualsIter(QRef(10), 2, CreateMultiIterationsString(2, 3, 1)) will return 'true' if answer index 2 was coded in question 10, while loop A was in iteration index 2, loop B was in iteration index 3 and loop C as in iteration index 1.

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