bool SetSelectedAnswerChoiceAdditionalTextOverride(int inQuesIdx, int inTopicIdx, String inAnswerIdentifier, string inAdditionalText)


Sets additional text for an answer (an "other specify" answer), without resetting settings of other answers (if were set).
Works for an "other specify" answer even if not already selected (But does not select it).
Relevant for Single Choice Grid / Multiple Choice Grid questions with multiple "other (specify)" answers.


The following is a list of parameters the functions receives 

Parameter Type Description
inQuesIdx Int Question Index
inTopicIdx Int Topic Index to set
inAnswerIdentifier string  The Answer Index that is set as Other Specify
inAdditionalText string The value to set to the other specify


Return Type



Answer index 5 in question index 10 is an "other specify" answer.
When question 10 was asked, answer 5 was (selected).
SetSelectedAnswerChoiceAdditionalTextOverride(QRef(10), 3, 5, "My New Text") will set the text "My New Text" as the additional text of topic 3 answer 5.

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