void AppendFileText (String inFileName, String inText)


This function appends the given text inText into a file created and saved on the device / PC (add inText to the end of the text that exits in the given file).
As the function is Asynchronous, when the file is actually written the callback function void OnWriteFileTextResult(String inFileName, bool inSuccess, bool inAppended)) is called and it includes the filename, success (read or not) and in this case the inAppended will be returned as true.
You need to override it in your Advanced Scripts to perform what you need in case of failure.


The following is a list of parameters the functions receives 

Parameter Type Description
inFileName String full path of file on the device
inText String Text to append


Return Type



AppendFileText ("$ROOT$/MyTxtFile.txt", "Good morning.") will open the file "MyTextFile.txt" that is saved under the Root directory on the device, and add the text "Good morning" in the end of file.
If "MyTextFile" doesn't exit, it will be automatically created.



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