bool AnsweredAnyIter(int inQuesIdx)


Determines if a question was answered in any iteration of a loop chapter


The following is a list of parameters the functions receives 

Parameter Type Description
inQuesIdx Int32 Question Index


Return Type



List of overloads for this function

bool AnsweredAnyIter(int inQuesIdx, bool inTakeNullIntoAccount)

Parameters for overloads:

Parameter Type Description
inQuesIdx Int32 Question Index
inTakeNullIntoAccount bool To consider 'null response' questions as "answered", write: false


Overload Example

If question index 10 was originally answered during a loop chapter, but later was set as "null response" under the iteration/s it was answered in, AnsweredAnyIter(QRef(10), true) will return 'false' (As if the question was not answered). AnsweredAnyIter(QRef(10), false) will return 'true' (Indicating the question was indeed originally answered and have data, although it is set as "Null response").

To learn more on the "Null response" setting and how it is set, click here.


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