Studio version 1.32.136

Here’s a summary of the latest additions/fixes to the SurveyToGo Studio. If you wish to be upgraded to the latest SurveyToGo Studio version please contact

New Features

Quota Sheets: Double click on a tracking cell will show the relevant interviews

With the Quota Sheets feature, it is now possible to double click a tracking cell and see the interview ID’s that belong to that cell:

It is also possible to view the interviews that are NOT part of this specific cell by switching to the third option:

In addition, it is also possible to select more than one quota cell and see the interviews of all these cells by right clicking and choosing “Show quota subjects”:

Right click:


Quota Sheets: Support editing the quota-full messages for each quota cell

With the Quota Sheets feature, it is now possible to edit the individual messages that will be shown once the specific quota cell is full. You can paste multiple messages as well. To edit a message simply start writing in the specific cell:

Quota Sheets: Tracking view now shows totals as well

With the Quota Sheets feature, when in tracking view, the totals are automatically shown:


Survey Design: Multiple selection support auto complete rendering

Multiple selection questions now support the “Auto complete” modes that were previously only available with Single choice questions. Both “Auto complete” and “Auto complete long” are supported.

This will then render as autocomplete on the device:


Exporting Data: The interview “flags” are now exportable

Each interview contains 4 indications on whether it was stopped and continued or modified after completion etc.. these flags are visible on the operations console when double clicking the interview:

These 4 flags are now avaialbe as exportable columns. To include them, make sure to include them during the export wizard on the “Columns order” tab:


Studio: New survey menu options added

It is now possible to copy the name and ID of the survey by right clicking on it and selecting the relevant option:

It is also possible to access the “older versions” feature from the right menu as well. 


SurveyToGo Studio access: By default, interviewers can not login to the Studio

The system wide defaults were changed so that interviewer users will no longer have any access to the SurveyToGo Studio app. In case you have a specific need to have the setting otherwise, please contact us through the support system.


Dimensions Integration: Added support for “Selection Limits”

When importing an MDD file, SurveyToGo will now take into consideration the “Selections limits” for multiple selection questions (example: Choose 3 answers at most).

Dimensions Integration: It is now possible to specify the routing context to use along with which language is the primary language

When importing an MDD file, SurveyToG will allow you to now choose the routing context to use when importing along with the ability to specify which language from the MDD will be defined in the SurveyToGo script as the primary language:

The “Secondary” language definition is used in case a certain label in the MDD is missing a translation to the language that was specified as the primary language. In this case the text from the secondary language will be used instead.


Bug Fixes


Tabulation: Fixed: Out of memory exception

When using tabulation on very big surveys, it could sometimes generate an out of memory exception. This has been fixed.


Quota Sheet: Fixed: Renaming quota sheet name did not change the names of the quotas

When changing the quota sheet name:

It would leave the quota names to be with the older sheet name. The has been fixed.


Reports: Fixed: “On-going usage” report would auto fetch data

When opening the “on-going usage” report, the screen would automatically fetch the data. This has been fixed and now the report opens waiting for the user to click the “Get” button.


Survey Design: Fixed: Other-specify answers would not show the textbox when in multiple columns view.


Survey Design: Fixed: Sometimes, a coding of 1.0 would be added for an answer instead of 1


Dummy Data Generator: Fixed: Could not view-data for surveys with more than 256 variables.


Survey Design: Fixed: Question preview pane would not show the Scale “middle value text”


Survey Design: Fixed: Some built-in functions were not color coded in the scripts window.


Exporting Data: Fixed: When the survey name contained a “.” Character, the survey export file name generated an error.


Emulator: Fixed: In some cases the emulator would show the same image for questions even though they are set to show other images.


Attachment Archive: Fixed: When survey contains certain characters the archive attachments process would fail.


Emulator: Fixed: When test interviews are deleted after 10 interviews, their attachments are not deleted


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