Android Version 1.32.317


The new version is available to all our customers at no cost. You are welcome to request an upgrade of your Android version if you wish to take advantage of these productive feature, send an email to our support 

New Features

  •  Supporting extended screen with Android devices - Click here to read more.
  • Tasks: Supporting different filters while viewing the task list 
  • Supporting a map when using position topics on image
  • Support Decimals in Numeric Grids
  • Adding the ability to reset a sound recording after it was capture to be able to capture again including client notification
  • Supporting internal camera and marking the attachment if captured by internal camera.
  • GPS: Enhancement support for IGPSInfo - IsEnabled & StateString
  • GPS: Supporting GetAddressInfo - to capture street level information with online maps.
  • Viewing Survey/Interview - adding a Survey Property to allow/disallow surveyor to view the survey/interview.
  • Supporting cancelling/Filtering interviews when they are part of a task.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Issues with Other Specify questions when not being answered.
  • Issues with validation message when choosing more than the allowed number of answers allowed in multiple selection grid question.
  • Issues with AnswerCount with "coded" answers
  • Issues with 'Fake GPS' interview logging. 
  • Additional log information when capturing audio
  • Issues with Returning subjects to surveyor
  • Issues with Advanced Rendering Mode Answers when in RTL
  • Issues with function WebServiceGet 
  • Issues with Compound Grid question exceptions
  • Issues with MultiTopicSelect questions behavior
  • Issues with KeepVisible behavior 
  • Issues with handling big attachments.
  • Issues with additional information captured with Lat/Long.
  • Issues with Top Banner text cutting
  • Issues with headers being used in Grid Questions.
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