Studio Version 1.32.306

The new version is available to all our customers at no cost. You are welcome to request an upgrade of your Studio version if you wish to take advantage of these productive feature.If you wish to be upgraded please contact:

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 247 and higher

New Features

Security: Security Enhancements

Select users and assign them roles and projects in 3 easy steps. 

Click Here to learn more how to use Create/Assign Roles

Quality Control: Update Question Answers Across Multiple Subjects

This feature will enable you to set an answer/s for multiple subjects. Click Here for full details and steps.

Survey Designer: Multi Update Attachments


Now you can update multiple survey attachments in just a few clicks.

Holding the Ctrl+Shift and Click on 'Edit Survey Attachments' the 'Multi Update' option is now shown, Click on - Choose the files you would like to Update and that's It.

Survey Designer: Supporting Custom Fonts

You are now able to add your own special fonts and use them, Click Here for detailed Instructions

Survey Designer: Ability to Copy\Cut & Paste Chapters/Sub-Chapters

When cutting\copying a chapter you can now choose where you would like to paste it, either as a chapter elsewhere in the survey or as a sub-Chapter. 

Other Features

  • Support Attachments Questions when importing from Dimensions.
  • Flagging interviews that used FakeGPS applications
  • SetAnswerChoice() Function enabled for Single Choice Grid
  • Clicking on Image will display the full Image
  • Do not allow to Use/Save surveys when using reserved words as Variable Names
  • Support exporting to dimensions via the Automatic Export (CMDLine)

Major Bug Fixes

General Issues:

  • Visual bugs due to font scaling 
  • Studio Performance: Issues with handling right click 
  • Languages: Issues when importing language files with HTML
  • Dummy Data Generator issues when handling Datetime questions
  • Issues when creating a new studio user and not confirming the password
  • Issues with printing of surveys 
  • Issues with Mutli Select questions rendering Auto complete
  • Issues with in correct order in survey Assigned Surveyors list
  • Issues with Single Choice questions rendering as Slider that includes Other Specify answer.
  • Issues with Importing and cancelling Quotas
  • Adding additional message when using tabulation
  • Issues with Compound Grid when using RTL.

Export Issues:

  • Issues with exporting questions with more than 15 indices.
  • Quantum export - Removing limit of columns when exporting to one card.
  • Issues with creating quantum map by previous map
  • Issues with exporting GPS & Location questions
  • Issues when exporting open ended questions with special codes alignment.
  • Issues with exporting using a settings file
  • Issues when exporting multiple Other Specify while using the settings: only export one variable 
  • Issues with exporting open ended question to Access - limit the text to 255 or export as a memo.
  • Issues when exporting long string to SPSS
  • Issues when exporting and Importing to\From Triple-S 
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