How do I set an answer with the sum of the answers of two other numeric questions


I wish to calculate a total of two numeric questions. This total needs to be saved in the data. How would one do this?

Marinus Koekemoer


Hi Marinus,
To do this, simply add an expression type question and in the answers write:

var sum = Answer(xx).ToInt() + Answer(yy).ToInt();
return sum;

this will then save the sum of the answers in the expression question.
Alternatively you can also do the following (it is almost the same):
1. Add a numeric question and mark it as hidden (advanced > hidden from surveyor = true)
2. Then in the end script of the question before this question (not the numeric question itself) write:
SetAnswer(xx, Answer(yy).ToInt() + Answer(zz).ToInt());

Where xx is the numeric question index and yy/zz are the questions to be summed.
The 2 methods are both good. the first one is a bit easier to implement.
Dooblo Support




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