CAWI Version 1.32.582


The new version is available to all our customers at no cost. 

New Features

  • QR Codes: Using the new UL function for generating QR codes, you can now display these QR codes in the survey:
  • CAPI-to-CAWI Landing page: The landing page now allows refresh directly into the survey.
  • Access-All Links: Now support enforced unique clients. Attempts to access the same completed link from the same browser will reach the already conducted page.
  • Read-Only Grids: Added support for read-only grids.
  • 'a href' Links in Question text: Added support for the following href schemes when a relevant app is installed on the device:
    • geo:<latitude,longitude>
    • tel:<phone number>
    • sms:<phone number>
    • mailto:<email>
    • http:<url>
    • https:<url>

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues regarding multiple location questions in one page.
  • Fixing issues relate to topic headers disappearing on small screen devices.
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