Studio Version 1.32.638

Supported Android/PC Surveyor/CAWI Version: 582 and higher

New Features

  • CAWI SMS Connector: SurveyToGo now supports integration with Twilio for sending CAWI links and messages to your respondents. See the full guide here.

    • Add a Twilio SMS connector:
    • Send notifications using the SMS connector:
  • CAWI All-Access Links: When defining Access-All links, you can now enforce unique clients to help prevent multiple responses from the same device using the following property:
  • Designer:
    • New UL function for generating QR codes when given a link. the generated QR code then needs to be piped into the relevant location.
      • CreateQRCode()
    • Added a new UI button to convert selected Question text into 'a href' links:
      The UI button supports the following schemes:
      • geo:<latitude,longitude>
      • tel:<phone number>
      • sms:<phone number>
      • mailto:<email>
      • http:<url>
      • https:<url>
        Please Note: While other tags can be used with text formatting, support of those tags depends on the OS of the device the survey is run on, as well as availability of a relevant app for that action.
    • Shifted survey text for 'Other Specify Empty Format' to Error Messages section.
  • Task Management: The task system now supports Non Default Assignments for surveyors.
  • Export to XML: Now supports exporting randomization attributes.
  • Tabulation: Support exporting over 5K using the 64bit Studio.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to errors thrown on exiting saving surveys.
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