Studio Version 1.32.632

Supported Android/PC Surveyor/CAWI Version: 576 and higher 

New Features

  • ASCII Export: Support changing Multi Choice Grid Answer/Topic separator with an underscore:
  • CAPI to CAWI Mode: Each CAPI result now generates a unique CAWI link for continuing the CAPI interview in CAWI. This can be accessed in two ways:
    • Through the Operations Console under the CAWI tab, after uploading the result:
    • Through the script while running the survey using the CAWIInterviewURL property.
  • Quotas: Support adding Multiple Selection and Multiple Selection Grid questions to quotas:
  • Survey Export: Support exporting answer codes in Excel Survey export.
  • API Key: You can now access your API key through your User Details window:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to bulk updates on nested loops.
  • Fixing issues related to Quick View.
  • Fixing issues related to CAWI End Pages.
  • Fixing issues related to Quotas export.
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