Studio Version 1.32.623

Supported Android/PC Surveyor/CAWI Version: 567 and higher 

New Features

  • Quota Sheets: Export Sheets will export all sheets at once
  • New UL:  Support new callback to check SMS message was sent successfully OnSMSMessageResult(boolean inSuccess, String inPhoneNumber, String inError)
  • Audit Report: Support logging changes related to
    •  Add/Remove user from group
    • Add/Remove security role for user/group

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to Numeric Question text box not showing when long text set to Before text.
  • Fixing issues related to Dimensions 
    • When exporting MDD answer headers and Factor.
    • Compound grid with no questions causes null pointer exception
  • Fixing issues related to Importing Language Translation prompts error when no question is selected.
  • Fixing issues related to not being able to delete subject stores rows.
  • Fixing issues related to archiving default dates 
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