How do I change my Storage Subscription Plan


When you want to collect attachments (image/audio/video) with your survey you require to purchase storage space. 

In some cases the initial storage package bought is not enough and there is a need to upgrade or you have bought a larger package and now need to reduce it. 

in this guide we will describe how. 



Bluesnap is the payment processor of Dooblo. When you signed up for one of the Attachment Storage upgrade plans a shopper profile was created for you in the Bluesnap payment system and you can use the Shopper portal to modify your subscription.

In case you want to upgrade your subscription, you can do this through the Dooblo payment processor shopper portal. You'll need to have the reference number of one of the charges available in order to login.

  1. Browse to:
  2. In the login page, fill in the credentials if you know them or if this is the first time you are accessing the shopper portal, just click the "forgot password" link shown here:

  3. Find the relevant subscription and click on the change plan
  4. Choose the package you would like to switch to and click switch contract:



When this is done your account is charged for the storage package price minus the remaining relevant part (days) of your existing subscription.

Please note that your subsequent charges will be based on the complete storage package price.

For any assistance or issues you can open a support request and our team will assist.

That's It !


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