Studio Version 1.32.620

Supported Android/PC Surveyor/CAWI Version: 565 and higher 

New Features

  • CAWI Enhancements:
    • Organization\Project Theme logo - Set a logo within the organization or the project themes
    • Survey Secondary Logo - Support uploading 2 different logos to the survey 
  • Studio Designer:
    • Filter for Customers\Projects\Users\Additional Lists
    • Script Search - Support searching for scripts inside the 'Client Side Scripts'
    • Audit Report  - Enhance 'ColumnsChanged' to be more clear. 
  • Studio Install: Support SHA-2 certification.
  • Exporting Attachment - support exporting attachment length in index file. 
  • Survey Designer -
    • Support thousands separator - Show thousands separator for the different types of questions that support numbers (Numeric, Numeric Grid, Open Ended rendered as Numeric etc.).
    • Question Auto Advance - Support new questions to use the last setting that was set to the survey. (e.g.: if the survey is set to not auto advance to all questions then a new question that will be added will also be set to Not Auto Advance).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to wrong web client URL for end pages preview after importing a survey.
  • Fixing issues related to logo upload exception after a survey was imported from another organization.
  • Fixing issues related to Before/After Textboxes width not showing correctly.
  • Fixing issues related to unlinked attachments error when replacing CSS\JS.
  • Fixing issues related to Language Export doesn't export all Amharic translations.
  • Fixing issues related to CAWI Upload Date not being set with the actual date (Please Note: this change will affect the progress report, Interview Upload Date, Scheduled Export etc).
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