How to control the execution order of questions


The default way to display a group of questions in a random order, can be done through the chapter’s settings, as explained in this link:

The randomization process shown in the link above is done internally by the system and the final order in which the questions were displayed during the interview, is not saved and cannot be seen in the data.

In this guide and sample you’ll see how to control and execute questions random order, while also save that order in a variable that will later be shown in the data.

Survey Description

The survey is based on getting the randomization order of the Chapter 1 as it is using the guide above and set it into an expression question (Index 8)


Based on this 'Save Order'  we have a start question (Index 9) and End Question (Index 16) using all these we have a script in the 'General Jump Rule' that will display the questions in the order needed


Please view this next link that shows how to import an external survey into your organization:


That's It !

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