Studio Version 1.32.619

Supported Android/PC Surveyor/CAWI Version: 564 and higher 

New Features

  • New UL:
    • Device Type: Support identifying the device type that the interview ran on (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) using the script as well as exporting the information.
    • Fake GPS - 'IsFake' property to the Location you get 
      Please note: It will ONLY return true for locations you get directly from OnGPSUpdated.
  • Interview Data: support new 'Language' variable which will be captured on every language change during the interview and exporting the last language used. 
  • CAWI Logo: Support overriding the logo default size 
    Please Note: if you add a large image it might not look as expected on a smaller device therefore it's recommended to test it on all platforms.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to exception when opening survey older versions.
  • Fixing issues related to error prompting when syncing MDD file.
  • Fixing issues related to hiding Surveyor Instructions does not get reset properly between mode switches.
  • Fixing issues related to enabling 'Surveyor Instructions' after upgrading from older CAWI version.
  • Fixing issues related to Importing MDD file Exception when trying to load Factor in some variable structures.
  • Fixing issues related to missing CAWI Stop Page link without information causes survey save error.
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