CAWI Multi Panel Companies Redirect


In some cases there is a need to send the same survey to multiple panel companies and as a result there is a need to redirect each of the interviews to the proper panel company that sent the link to the respondent. 

In this guide we will provide you with the steps and sample how to redirect the interview to multiple panel companies. 


  1. Create Unique links -
    • Option 1 - Create 2 dynamic unique links 1 for each panel company and use the 'Ticket' as the identifier for each panel company 
    • Option 2 - Create 1 link with a parameter called 'panel=X' that will distinguish between the panels (this is what is used in the attached example). 
      Link Example:
  2. Create a Dummy Question to hold the Panel company chosen by using the function ExternParam("panel")
  3. Create a Dummy Open Ended Question that will hold the redirect string in our example it's variable name called 'EndDummy'
  4. Create an expression question that will hold the logic that will set the 'EndDummy' question.
    In the attached example we are checking which of the Questions 3 to 5 answered Yes and setting the dummy question with the text to redirect to 
  5. Navigate to the CAWI tab - Web Survey Display Options - Style - uncheck the option 'Use Defaults' and in the relevant end page links add (An:EndDummy) 


That's It !


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