Studio Version 1.32.603

Supported CAWI/Android/PC Surveyor Version: 546 and higher 

New Features


  • Support faster import by importing only the routing
  • Support Tasks parameters

PC Profiles: Support showing 'Minimize' window button for PC Surveyor


  • New Welcome page 
  • Support client side SDK interface to access Global VARS (cookies).

Emulator: Support showing the horizontal scrollbar for horizontal grids

Operations Console:

  • Auto Interview Flag tab - disable (gray out) non-relevant options for CAWI interviews
  • Enhance Subject Metadata Display - Rearrange the metadata information in 'Main' & 'CAWI' tabs and add additional Tab called 'Course'

Tabulation: Support including interviews in status 'In Progress Client' in tabulation

Languages: Support showing the variable name in the translation file (enable the option 'Add Extra Fields' when exporting 

CAWI: Support showing the subjectID for unique links in the 'Create Links' screen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to Set As Complete on partial CAWI results causes them to stay in a partial state
  • Fixing issues related to Idle time/session export - Prevent showing null when clients stored default values
  • Fixing issues related to CAWI preview in External Question type
  • Fixing issues related to Client Login Restrictions shows incorrect text when in Blacklist mode
  • Fixing issues related to Import all attachments does not update HTML images
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