Studio Version 1.32.601

Supported CAWI/Android/PC Surveyor Version: 545 and higher 

New Features

Quota Management:

  • Support Quota capturing status indicators on the quotas report add the following indication -
    Yellow - temp Quota capturing is counted as full quota (currently blue).
    Blue - If no temp capturing but full - keep the blue.

  • Add the ability for the user to select a view of the quotas tracking - 
    • Summary - selected by default and is the current existing view.
    • Completes - shows only captured completes / target
    • Completes/In-Completes Breakdown - shows per each cell the breakdown in this structure 4 (3) / 8. (3) is the incompletes temporarily captured. it may be also 4 (0) / 8 if no incompletes.
    • In-completes - show only temporary captured / target
  • 'Quotas Subjects' display information related to the Captured Quotas
    • An additional column 'Quota Status' with the following values -
      • Captured - for completes which captured the quota.
      • Temporarily captured - incompletes that temporarily captured the quota.
      • NA - for incompletes where the temp capturing was not applied.
    • At the bottom add the following indications to the 'count' if the temp capturing is applicable -
      • Captured -number of total captured
      • Temporarily Captured -number of total incompletes that temporarily captured the quota.
      • Target
  • On the 'Global view of quotas' add the following data and indication -
    Add column 'Temporarily Captured' - the value should be the count of total temporarily Captured. If none, than 0.

Export Results:

  • Support exporting Number of Sessions/Idle Time
  • ASCII Fixed Export - Support using the same map across surveys based on variable names

Dashboards/KPI - Support showing the Idle Time and number of sessions in the Fieldwork Reports


Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to showing 'SMS Connector' text with Email Connector.
  • Fixing issues related to CAWI logos being shared and once updated in one survey the other are breaking.
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