How to Turn your CAPI to CAWI in 5 Steps


In this guide and video we will show you how to turn your CAPI survey into a CAWI survey in 5 easy steps.

1. Determine your respondents’ source and distribution method 
2. Setup your desired CAWI Look & Feel 
3. Determine and setup Quotas 
4. Distribute/publish the interview links 
5. Monitor progress

Online Video

Direct Youtube link (for full screen): 


Step 1: Determine your respondents’ source and distribution method

There are 4 types of links available to choose from:

  • Access-All Links - A single link that will be shared across all respondents - should be used when there is no need to follow up or have the identification of each respondent
  • Anonymous Unique Links - The Anonymous Unique links should be used when working with Panel Companies
  • CAWI Participants Lists - Generate links to pre-defined participants list with additional information that can be used in the survey and is known in advanced, click here to learn more how to setup 
  • Manual Entry Links - Use this option to create manual links for specific email addresses

Read more in this guide about the different links available - How To Create CAWI Respondent Links

Step 2: Setup your Desired CAWI Look & Feel 

  • SurveyToGo ThemesBuilt in style with the option to choose colors, Click Here to learn more
  • Custom ThemeControl the Button, Fonts, Colors, Progress Bar etc. via the UI.
  • Custom CSS - Control the Layout using a custom CSS and Java files, Click Here to learn more

Step 3: Determine & Setup Quotas

Step 4: Distribute/Publish the interview links 

Step 5: Monitor the Progress

  • Monitor your completed interviews
    • Operations Console
    • CAWI Create Links View
  • Monitor the Incomplete interviews as well 

Please note: We recommend reviewing our CAWI Best Practices, click here to learn more.

That's It !

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