Studio Version 1.32.586

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 528 and higher 

New Features

Organization properties: Support locking device to the current organization logged in


  • Support Adding an image to branding without a URL 
  • Enhanced 'Web Properties Options' Display 

Results Export: Support Export for position topics on image and location questions to ASCII Fixed Map provider.

Bug Fixes

    • Fixing issues related to XML import support HTML text format
    • Fixing issues related to ASCII Fixed export exporting single choice grid variables incorrectly
    • Fixing issues related to GlobalVars throws exception on Emulator
    • Fixing issues related to Review Survey Texts:
      • Default Language text does not appear
      • Cancel button does not close the tab
      • Does not show properly in small screens 
    • Fixing issues related to Import Survey errors
    • Fixing issues related to Grid question Horizontal scroll not working as expected.
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