Studio Version 1.32.583

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 522 and higher 

New Features

Security: New Project Role Section called 'Review Survey Texts' 

Survey Designer:

  • New UL - Position Topic On Image question retrieve the region
  • New Question Property to allow horizontal scroll bar in Grid questions

Dimensions: Support Other Spec error message to not display the answer's text


  • Support Expiration Date capability to a link

Task System: Remove 'Add Surveyor' button from the task assignment popup

Bug Fixes

    • Fixing issues related to additional arguments in functions fails the Android app but not in Emulator.
    • Fixing issues related to Location Question GDPR setting
    • Fixing issues related to exporting to Dimensions with Looped Chapters. 
    • Fixing issues related to Dashboard - Fieldwork reports not showing data properly
    • Fixing issues related to ASCII export exception when changing map
    • Fixing issues related to XML importer 
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