Studio Version 1.32.574

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 514 and higher 

New Features

Operations Console: Support additional column called 'Attachments Fully Uploaded' which will show the amount of fully uploaded attachments

Export Results

  • ASCII Export 
    • Allow moving variables beyond fixed variables to the next available position
    • Rating Question variables column count is always 1 regardless of answer codes
    • Support variables that describe the actual answers for each variable
    • Support exporting the Answer/Topic Codes in the map
    • Support exporting map to excel and then upload it again
  • Support the option 'Do Not Export' in Answer Properties/Scale so when enabled the variable will not be exported.

Survey Designer

  • New UL - to support attachment item property "TypeOverride", this will mark the attachment as of type X to be used later in the script.
    • list[0].TypeOverride = eAttachmentType.Sound 
  • Surveyor Instructions - Support changing instruction text style for all survey questions 


  • Support hiding the option to show cancel survey button checkbox.
  • Support not to allow delete unique links that already started

Survey Sync: Support downloading survey attachments in multiple threads

Survey Export: Support printing scripts/answer codes to PDF 

External Dashboards: Support an option to ignore 'Filtered' subjects 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to Manage Passcode permissions are not working as expected. 
  • Fixing issues related to Interview status permissions for special statuses like in client progress not showing in the list of statuses.
  • Fixing issues related to preventing non English characters for anonymous unique links unique identifier in param name.
  • Fixing issues related to Quantum export - rating question are exported incorrectly- in the map data and axis
  • Fixing issues related to Survey designer doesn't set current survey language id by its position in the survey languages
  • Fixing issues related to copying a translation ensure it will create the default language if needed
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