Studio Version 1.32.567

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 503 and higher 

New Features


  • Support web client scripts tab for CAWI dynamic pages
  • Do not show Surveys in the list when creating new Question Rendering Package when the option 'Allow Package Authoring' is disabled.

Interview Logs: support additional logging for WebServicePost and OnWebServiceResult

Quota Notifications: Support saving the settings once a change was made.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to Error getting location info - Add Store info when starting subject
  • Fixing issues related to "Approved" status showing twice in the operation console.
  • Fixing issues related to position topics on image editor is cut off on small resolution
  • Fixing issues related to ASCII map designer:
    • Changing variable length not through the up down button does not update the indexes correctly
    • Length values are incorrect when 'do not reserve extra space' is disabled
  • Fixing issues related to Dimension keyword not working on Headers
  • Fixing issues related to ignore missing method for WaitForFullGCApproach.
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