How To View CAWI Incomplete Interviews List


CAWI interviews many times are started but are not fully completed for various reasons, but the information is still needed for analysis and review. 

In this guide we will explain how to view the list of Incomplete interviews with some information such as: start time, last question visited etc. 

You can also set this interviews as Complete and upload them to be able to review their collected data and export it. 


  1. Expand the CAWI tab under the Project and double click on the option 'CAWI Incomplete Interviews' 
  2. Choose the Survey that you would like to review the incomplete interview to 
  3. The list of Incomplete interviews will be shown below with the following information:
    • SubjectID: Automatic server ID that is provided to each interview
    • Ticket: Internal CAWI link ID that is provided to each Unique link sent
    • User Name: the name provided to the link 
    • Email Address: If an email address was used to send the link it will be shown here
    • Start Time: The Date & Time the interview started
    • Last Modified Time: The Date & Time the interview was last updated.
    • Last Visited Question Index: The last question the respondent visited before exiting.
  4. The incomplete interviews can either be Completed and uploaded the server or Deleted by checking the column 'Selected' check box and then choose Delete/Complete
  5. Once an interview is completed it is uploaded to the server and will deduct a credit from your balance.
    In the Subject History tab you will find the details of the person that set the interview as completed. 


Important Notes:

  • Incomplete interviews are only 'saved' and available to consult for interviews that are originated from unique links. We do not currently keep the information of interviews generated by All Access links.
  • Currently when an incomplete interview is set as complete it will not capture the quotas automatically, the workaround is once the interview is uploaded re-calc the quotas, click here to learn how.

That's It ! 

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