How To Generate & Download a PDF file at the end of CAWI Surveys


In this guide we will describe how to generate a PDF file that can be downloaded at the end of the survey and which can include answers that were collected during the interview.


  1. In the sample: At the end of Q3 you will find the code that is setting the page text and creating the PDF.
  2. In the CAWI tab - Web properties options - un-check the 'Use Defaults'

  3. Check the option called 'My HTML' and then 'Edit'

  4. Choose the 'Show HTML Source' and move to the HTML source tab and paste the code below:
    function myFunction() { alert('Yes'); var docDefinition = { content: 'This is an sample PDF printed with pdfMake' }; pdfMake.createPdf(docDefinition).download(); alert('No'); } </SCRIPT><BUTTON onclick=myFunction()>Click me</BUTTON> mceclip0.png
  5. Click on the Design tab and you should see the following.
  6. Click OK and save the changes. 
  7. Generate a respondent link and run, when done on the finish page you will see the below page with a button called 'Download As PDF' mceclip0.png
  8. Click on it to download the generated PDF file and open it - the file will include the Name & Age you entered in the surveymceclip1.png

Please Click here to learn how to import the sample survey into your organization.

Please Note: The attached survey is a basic example which was created using the below website -
You can use the sample and add additional information to the file downloaded such as links, images etc. 

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