Studio Version 1.32.560

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 500 and higher 

New Features

Studio Designer: New node under 'CAWI' that will display all the incomplete interviews


Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to PC Preview of numeric grid rendered as slider with a not selectable topic throws exception
  • Fixing issues related to Allow Coding -1 does not create default coding
  • Fixing issues related to Quantum map for MultiTopicSelect with no MultiPunch not exporting as expected
  • Fixing issues related to Quantum MultiTopicSelect when exported with multi punch and without multi topics coding does not have values in data file
  • Fixing issues related to Resolve returning null as Additional Text [Breaking Change]
  • Fixing issues related to survey name file when writing a map that we could not parse in ASCII export to file
  • Fixing issues in SPSS exports subject ID column width is insufficient [Breaking Change]
  • Fixing issues with Multimedia Question Validation and GetAttachedFilesCount not working as expected
  • Fixing issues related to FixedMap (ASCII):
    • Move some work from UI table to data table
    • Moving last row of map up/down with the arrow buttons
    • Move to button moves to the selected index -1 instead of index when rows are moved down
    • Change ASCII map metadata save method from json to byte array
  • Fixing issues related to Switch question type does not properly reset the High/Low texts
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