Studio Version 1.32.550

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 492 and higher 

New Features


  • Support capturing GPS via script for imported MDD surveys, supporting new Functions as below:
    • Dooblo_Question_Custom_Type = "location"  (defined on an Info variable)
    • Added new properties for that type:
      • Dooblo_Question_Location_Type,  //Applicable Values: NoMap, NoMapSilent,
      • EditableMap, ReadOnlyMap
      • Dooblo_Question_Location_Rendering_Mode, //Applicable Values: PinPoints, Path, Area
      • Dooblo_Question_Location_Set_As_Interview_Location, //Bool
      • Dooblo_Question_Location_Export_Additional_Data, //Bool
    • Added new function to "Dooblo.general" (all match in function to their UL equivalent)
      • boolean OpenGPS()
      • boolean CloseGPS()
      • ISimpleCoordinates CreateCoords(double inLatitude, double inLongitude)
      • ISimpleCoordinates GetSubjectGPSLocation()
      • void SetSubjectGPSLocation(ISimpleCoordinates inLocation)
      • ICoordinates GetGPSLocation()
    • Added new callback: (match the UL callback with the addition of sending IOM... location is
      • ISimpleCoordinates)
      • function STG_OnGPSUpdated(IOM, Location)
    • Adding this question type requires also adding "support" variables to store the appropriate information for exporting. This works by having the additional variables match the variable name of the question with a suffix and type matching their purpose
      • _LA double : Latitude (Required)
      • _LO double: Longitude (Required)
      • _AD text: Address (Optional, needed only if using Map selection)
      • _ALT double: Altitude (Optional, needed only if marking Export Extended Properties)
      • _BEAR double: Bearing (Optional, needed only if marking Export Extended Properties)
      • _SPEED double: Speed (Optional, needed only if marking Export Extended Properties)
      • _DATE text: Date (Optional, needed only if marking Export Extended Properties)

Survey Designer: Support Silent questions properly for Dimensions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to UDFEditAll has two question UDF grids
  • Fixing issues related to Moving a survey that does not have a must file UDF value to test shows an error.
  • Fixing issues related to Editor for Multi Select Grid Rank Scale not updating UI properly
  • Fixing issues related to Bulk Update not updating 'Other Specify' text in Multiple selection questions.
  • Hiding the option 'allow modify' in web survey option as it is causing errors.
  • Fixing issues related to quantum export of survey set to use coding format for iteration export do not have answers in the axis file for questions inside the loop (Also ASCII see DESC)
  • Fixing issues related to opening survey older version throws exception
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