Studio Version 1.32.548

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 491 and higher 

New Features

Export Survey: 

  • FixedFileExport:
    • Validate survey id and version on load of map
    • Support Ability to fix column position for individual or all variables so that their start and end index remains fixed when making any changes to the map
    • Support Undo button for undoing any recent changes made in that session

Tabulation: Support excluding "No Answer" from Tabulation 


  • Do not save the survey if no changes were made in the 'Survey Properties' window
  • Display MDD variable name in production mode

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to incorrect error message text for old server in popup invitation form 
  • Fixing issues with error when closing the custom render packages screen while saving
  • Fixing issues with "Right Align" checkbox is not sized correctly
  • Fixing issues related to download of fixed corrupt file downloads the original corrupted file
  • Fixing issues related to Operations Console QC flag shows "No Flagged" in some instances
  • Fixing issues related to color of invitation creator screen buttons showing as disabled.
  • Fixing issues related to FixedFileExport:
    • Leaving space when moving var down
    • Remove other specify from the map 
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