Studio Version 1.32.542

Supported Android/PC Surveyor Version: 485 and higher 

New Features

Export/Import: Support Schedule Automated Exports, click here to learn more

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues related to refresh (after lang change) or answer labels in multi topics
  • Fixing issues related to importing results - error of validation of columns is not displayed
  • Fixing issues related to LocationLog does not display if the locale is not US
  • Fixing issues related to GetInterviewExtraField  not working in resolve
  • Fixing issues related to server error retrieving subject action log not displaying in the studio
  • Fixing issues relating to validating surveys
    • Check to see if ULSource is empty
    • Re-set the value ULSource values after save
  • Fixing issues related to Triple S - Multi Select question exporting as single variable throws exception when "Do not export checked\unchecked" is turned on
  • Fixing issues related to Merge/Replace Additional Data Store throws ArgumentException on decimal column if locale uses ","
  • Fixing issues related to Saving an edited Location does not mark the location as saved
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